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Dr. Andrew Lobacz is a Logan College of Chiropractic graduate and has been serving Evansville In and it’s surrounding towns since 2006.

While in Jr. College, unsure of his future, Dr. Lobacz found hope where medicine wasn’t working.  His goal is to now use the vehicle of Chiropractic care and help his patients get their health back in return.

Dr. Andrew manages and provides all aspects of care at Lobacz Chiropractic, so you’re guaranteed to get his hands every time you stop in for an adjustment.

  • q-iconWhat's the First Visit Like?

    Our goal is to find out what is going on with you, and design a plan to help you get back to being your best!

  • q-iconHow Long Will it take?

    Everyone’s different.  Some people heal faster and/or slower than others.  It really depends on what is going on, and how fast your body heals.

  • q-iconWhat if my insurance doesn't cover Chiropractic Care?

    Most of our members have health insurance, however, most major medical doesn’t really cover Chiropractic care.  Don’t worry, we have ways around that to still make it affordable.

Our Philosophy

“Evansville Chiropractor, Dr. Andrew is different”

Your Evansville Chiropractor-Dr. Andrew Lobacz, our focus is different.  We focus on spinal alignment to create an efficient internal environment for your body.  Could you imagine how your car would run if you never changed the oil? When your body is aligned well, your body is able to adapt and overcome secondary conditions.  Some of these secondary conditions include numbness/tingling, neck pain, low back pain, headaches–most notably migraine headaches, loss of strength, muscular imbalance.  More secondary conditions include fibromyalgia, digestion disorders, sinus and allergy problems, fatigue and overall lack of human perfomance can be caused by underlying shifts in the spine.

Lobacz Chiropractic has Flexible pricing options

Maybe you’ve heard of our Membership option. It is the most popular option we have, and we are still accepting members. We know that you and your family are busy. Work, school, soccer practice… no matter how busy your family’s schedule is, we make it easy to get into the office with our walk-in policy. No appointment is necessary, just show up during office hours, and I’ll get you checked and adjusted if necessary.

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