Today I interviewed a friend of mine, Charlene Fabiano. Charlene practices Acupuncture in Evansville Indiana. A lot of people, (sometimes Chiropractor friends of mine) will ask, why would you take your podcast and speak to an acupuncturist.

Well, I think we need to dig into Chiropractic to explain that. Chiropractic is not a cure all. I don’t look at Chiropractic in terms of treating anything. That includes a shoulder issue, knee pain, ankles, sore neck, headaches, or back pain. However, sometimes when getting adjusted and clearing the body of nerve irritation (subluxations), those things do clear up, but I would rather send them to the least invasive person I possibly can if they are under regular care and having an issue, or if something pops up.

I believe Acupuncture should be left to Acupuncturists. My office specializes in Chiropractic only. We don’t do PT, Acupuncture, Exercises, and that’s how Lobacz Chiropractic has become the go to office for Chiropractic. In my opinion, Charlene is the GO-TO Acupuncture office in Evansville.

In this interview, Charlene explains her philosophy, and how to find a board certified Acupuncturist.

Her website is <--Click Here