We need your help, relax, it’s easy..

During the month of October, your Evansville Chiropractor, -Dr. Andrew Lobacz, has implemented a new program, and relax, it’s easy. All you do is check in on Facebook that your at the office getting an adjustment. What happens then? Glad you asked, for every 5 check-ins that happens, I will send out a check to cover the cost of women going to get a breast cancer and ovarian assessment.


Just Check-In on Facebook!

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Check out this link to find out more about bright pink.

We ask that you do this so that you can organically spread the word about what our office is all about. Your friends will probably ask if your going to the chiropractor all the time because something is hurting you, or something is wrong, and of course you can educate them that the chiropractor isn’t for that stuff but to STAY HEALTHY. 🙂

Thank you for partnering with Your Evansville Chiropractor to donate to these amazing charities!

Dr. Lobacz