I graduated Chiropractic school in August of 04, since that time I have learned through trial &  extensive self study what our forefathers in the profession meant for us.

Being a graduate of Logan Chiropractic College, I was never exposed to Straight Chiropractic.  I was given the information I needed in order to pass the 4 sets of Chiropractic boards exams.  While that information is important, being in practice is knowing how to handle the practice is just as if not equally important.  Unfortunately, Chiropractic is taught from a Medicine from a Chiropractic Therapeutic stand-point.

After graduating, I struggled for 7-8 years trying to mold myself into the medical model of care via Chiropractic. But kept hitting brick walls with 3rd party pay dwindling and increases in proving ‘medical necessity’ for what we do as Chiropractors, getting more & more difficult.

So I began learning from the writings of Reggie,Strauss, BJ, Sigafoose, to name a few. to get my Head in the right place.

Many in our profession don’t realize Chiropractic does not Have a Philosophy, but IS a Philosophy, science and Art.

We do NOT treat conditions, nor need to be Diagnosticians. We work with Innate Intelligence, freeing it’s interference, Vertebral Subluxation, so that the body can Adapt better to the effects of stress from daily life. Because a Body without subluxation regardless of ‘medical’ label functions Better without the presence of subluxation PERIOD!.

We do NOT need scope expansion to include Prescribing medications (which alot of Chiropractors are going for). Our scope is Not limited, we work with the Nerve System which controls ALL body functions, without having to address them specifically, yet the Only thing we Need to do is Specific Adjustment. Yet many insurance bound and gagged practitioners who feel the need to bill 3rd party for pay to get more money per visit, and feel that they need to make more money per patient, vs serving more patients and educating them to Real Chiropractic.

Sid Williams said many times, that all chiropractors should be serving at affordable rates so every man, woman & child can benefit from Chiropractic regardless of their medical condition, or financial ‘ability’ to pay.

Not much more common sense than that.

Make care affordable, so insurance is NOT needed.  In reality they have two distinctive objectives.  One is to remove symptoms, and one is to restore HEALTH.  ,

A guy was in the office earlier, and asked about taking insurance, and the answer to that is very simple.  Insurance was designed to help people get out of symptoms, not promote health.  And since all insurance companies follow whatever Medicare sets up, medicare says they will NOT ALLOW treatment that :

“Seeks to prevent disease, promote health, & prolong and enhance the quality of life; which is not considered ‘medically necessary’ care under Medicare guidelines (MCM2251.3).

Since Stress (Physical/Chemical/Emottional) are the ‘Cause’ of Dis-Ease, and the Only Diagnostic code which supports our Profession as such is 308.4 Mixed Stress disorders, and the Specific Adjustment is not a Treatment, but an assistance in system adaptation, this for me IS Chiropractic

Our objective is to remove subluxations and let the body be in its best environment to able to express health!  Let it work like it should!  We offer a membership to make this easy and affordable.  Let me know if you have any questions!


Andrew Lobacz D.C.


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