Alot of times I have parents come into the office without their children, and I wander why that is.  Why would a parent leave their child at home and keep them subluxated.

It starts with a basic understanding of the criteria to get adjusted.  You need to have 1. a spine, and 2. breating

The basic concept with getting your children under regular care is simple.

NO BACK PAIN, HEADACHES, STRANGE SYMPTOMS, COUGHS, COLDS are needed.  That’s all medical in nature.

The time to bring your kid into the office is regularly.  Keep those little spines healthy, so they can communicate good message to the rest of their bodies.

If you would like to have your child checked for pinches (Chiropractors call them subluxations) give me call at 812-476-2225 or visit my website for more information at Evansville Family Chiropractic.