Chiropractic Lower back Pain and SI joint dysfunction

Maybe you’ve heard of the Si joints before, maybe not.  Alot of people needlessly go day in and day out feeling the effects of lower back pain and SI joint dysfunction.  This type of pain usually feels like it in the mid buttocks, and can also go down one or both legs.  Many people “live” with this type of pain and feel that it will probably never really go away.  Chiropractic lower back pain -Your Evansville Chiropractor, Dr Andrew Lobacz sees this type of issue all the time.


One important thing to consider about SI joint dysfunction is that it often can mimic other lower back issues.  In today’s world, people have become their own google doctor, (maybe how you got to this website).  However, you could be suffering from a lumbar disc herniation, osteoarthritis, or lumbar degenerative disc disease!  The first step is to find out what is going on.

I’m kind of a visual learner, so i do want to point out where the SI joints are located.  They are the purple lines in the picture below.


Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

What are the sacroiliac (SI) joints?

The sacroiliac joints connect your hip bones to the sacrum at the very bottom of your spine. These joints are designed to provide a great deal of strength and stability.

All of the weight you carry essentially end up on one of these two joints, the right one or the left one.  Think about this, we all have gravity pulling us down all day, and the bottom of the spine does have the most pressure exerted on it.  It’s just how we’re built.  Some of you may be thinking, if I lose a little weight, maybe this will go away.  Frankly, it’s possible, and may be worth a shot.  However, i’ve had very skinny people in the office that have SI joint dysfunction, so maybe it won’t help either.

When these little joints stop working well, they do alot of times produce pain.  I see ALOT of this in my office, and we have to retrain the body to work like it is supposed to.

How does sacroiliac joint dysfunction develop?


Certain conditions, such as Pregnancy or injury to the ligaments, among other things, can cause irritation to the joints.  Can you imagine how much stress an extra 8 pounds pushing directly on the joints could cause?

Too little movement in the joints, referred to as hypomobility, can also cause pain. Hypomobility may occur as a result of a degenerative joint disease such as arthritis.

I believe it is important to keep mobility in the spine, so that arthritis doesn’t form easily, and it keeps the innate intelligence running through your body like our maker intended.



How do we handle SI dysfunction?

My job as a Chiropractor is to remove any interference to the nervous system.  When we find the system biomechanics faulty, we simply push spinal bones back into a better position allowing the internal components to function better.

If your reading this post, and thinking, maybe this is me, i’d encourage you to make an appointment and see if what we do could help you!