Membership Chiropractic


The membership practice is unique. Unique in many respects, not just the fee structure. To practice this way, and succeed in doing so it takes a certain set of principles, values and philosophy. Lobacz Chiropractic is set up with my family in mind. Everything I say and do is the same thing I would want for my mom, dad, sisters and grandmother. We all get our spines checked on a weekly basis, and I usually get checked twice a week. I feel you deserve the same care that my family and I receive. This means getting your spine checked every week for the rest of your life. That’s a lot of chiropractic! I think you deserve it, don’t you?

If I’m asking folks to have their spine checked every week then I need to make chiropractic care affordable and accessible. That’s why my practice is set up the way it is. You make one, low monthly investment which covers unlimited visits with no appointments necessary. You simply walk in, get your spine checked, get adjusted if necessary and get back to your life! A typical visit takes less than 5 minutes. It’s my philosophy that more frequent, short visits are far more beneficial than infrequent, sporadic, long drawn-out visits. It’s like working out –  you can’t pop into the gym once a month and expect to look like Ahnold, can you?

That is the basis for my fee system. Not to mention it’s simple, easy to understand, and there are no surprises.

However, not everyone is happy with my practice. I have heard from folks, mainly other chiropractors, that I am devaluing chiropractic. They say my low fees lower the value of the profession. I beg to differ. The value comes when my practice members TRULY understand chiropractic. They know what it is. The vast majority of chiropractors fail to educate their members, or “patients” as they often refer to them. How can you value something when you don’t even understand it?

I’d also argue the biggest value of my practice comes when ENTIRE families can receive a LIFETIME of chiropractic care. They are able to express their full potential and experience ALL that LIFE has to offer. They are healthy, happy, get sick less often, have better moods, attitudes, get along better with one another, have more energy, sleep better, have better digestion… they enjoy LIVING LIFE MORE! That’s invaluable!

See, the nay sayers think that value comes solely from price. They place all the value on the cost of the adjustment. The higher the cost of the adjustment, the higher the value. That just doesn’t make sense to me. Price is but one factor in the value equation, and I’d argue it’s a small factor. I think the most important factor in the value equation is that of benefit. The more you benefit from something the more valuable it is. I can’t think of anything you can benefit more from than regular chiropractic care.

My members value their care, they value their membership and they value chiropractic. They are grateful to receive such a powerful service, and they are grateful they will be able to do so for the rest of their lives. I’m grateful they trust me as their chiropractor, and I’m grateful that I can provide this service for them.

Call us or check out our website if you’re interested in finding out more about how you can become a member. 812-476-2225 or online at Evansville Chiropractor!