Often you hear people say, “Oh, I believe in chiropractic care. However, the chiropractic principle itself is not a matter of belief.
If you believe….
-that the human body was meant to produce within itself every chemical and substance necessary to maintain life from that food
– that the human body was not meant to be sick but to enjoy a lifetime of health
– that the body when in optimum health has within itself the ability to repair and heal damaged or sick tissue.
– that the educated intelligence of all the brilliant minds in the world combined doesn’t know as much about running the body as the innate intelligence placed within it.

Then you believe..


Chiropractic is founded upon the principle of life and is the only logical, rational approach to health. It is not a matter of belief, but of sound intelligent thinking. At Lobacz Chiropractic, in Evansville Indiana, I believe that chiropractic is not something you must believe or reject. Acceptance of the principles of life leaves no alternative but to accept chiropractic. I do not believe that chiropractic works, I know that it does, just as a farmer who plants a field of corn in the spring knows that he will harvest a field of corn in the summer. The farmer has an understanding of the laws of nature and the principles of life which allow him to know that given the proper elements, he will reap corn. He also knows that even if he believed other things would grow where he planted corn, his belief would not make it so.

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