I know many people head in to a chiropractor’s office expecting the Doc to treat a condition they may have or at least figure out what’s causing their symptoms. I want to take just a moment to look at diagnosis in general and get crystal clear on exactly what my job as a chiropractor is.  Find out more by visiting my office page, www.lobaczchiropractic.com

Let’s take a look at back pain for example. People often want their chiropractor to tell them what is causing their discomfort. As a chiropractor it is not my role to make a medical diagnosis. Back pain can be caused by a variety of different things ranging from kidney stones to cancer to strained ligaments to a bulging disc and so forth. The same can be said for all different types of signs and symptoms people may experience. If I were to try and make some sort of medical diagnosis I would be operating outside my area of expertise as a chiropractor.
As a chiropractor it is also not my duty to treat any symptoms or illness that a person may be experiencing. By now you may very well be thinking, well then what in the world does a chiropractor do? I’m happy you asked.
My sole objective as a chiropractor is to remove vertebral subluxations that interfere with the signals being sent over the nerve system. This is a huge deal because the nerve system is responsible for controlling and coordinating everything that happens in your body. You literally live your life through the nerve system. Do you think your body works better when this system is running free of interference? Absolutely! Regardless of what symptoms a person may or may not be experiencing they are always better off with a clear nerve supply. In order to do my job all I need to know is where a subluxation is occurring in the spine. If a subluxation is present I make an adjustment. It doesn’t matter where the pain may be, or what “condition” someone has been diagnosed with. If they have a subluxation, it is interfering with their ability to express life and health to their full potential and it’s my job to remove that interference.
Subluxations are so common due to the stresses of everyday life that cause them. Is your nerve system running free of interference? How do you know? Make chiropractic a part of your life to make sure your body is functioning and performing better in all areas.


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