Cleaning your vents is like getting an adjustment…

Did you know that your supposed to clean your dryer vents, not only that, but all around the inside of the washer, where you put detergent in, the vent that goes outside, everything needs a tune up!

I didn’t.  Luckily, nothing to serious happened due to this. 🙂  -other than some clothes had some strange spots on them.

Chiropractic and the dryer vent

Our bodies work in much the same way.  One day we wake up and realize, “hey, i can’t bend down like i used to” or “these headaches just keep getting worse”.  (both phrases I hear in my office alot from new patients)

Evansville Chiropractor, Dr. Andrew has a Secret…

The secret to not ruining your clothes and keeping your body working well is to maintain it on a regular basis.

At Lobacz Chiropractic in Evansville Indiana, we offer packages of routine care for affordable fees.  I feel it is my mission to take care of people like I take care of my own family.

If your looking for a Chiropractor in Evansville, check out my website, and give me a call or set up a free consultation online so that we can keep your body working well.

-Dr. Andrew


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