When a new patient comes into the office, and a lot of times I’m asked,


“This” could be back pain, neck pain, headaches, etc.mcgann_1877148i

The truth is, Maybe.  The truth is, I’ve helped alot of people in the Evansville and Newburgh area, but I have never CURED anyone of anything.  The simple truth is, Chiropractic nor the Chiropractor should be taking credit when you FEEL better.  The credit should be given where it is due.  GOD.  GOD put an intelligence inside each of us, we’ll refer to this intelligence as innate intelligence.  This system, when clear gives you the best potential to have a better life.  Longer walks with the family, playing on the floor with the grandchildren, better relationships with your spouse, etc.

That being said, the very best DOCTOR IS YOU! TO be at your best, keep your spine aligned, and allow innate intelligence flow naturally.  If you would like to get your spine checked, give our office a call 812-476-2225.  IF your not in my area, post your zip code below and I’ll find you a like minded Chiropractor to visit.

Do you have an opinion on the “best Doctor” (Doctor Who) besides YOU?