ear infections

Ear Infections

Ear infections with a child simply put, is not pleasant to see. No one wants a child to suffer the pain of frequent recurring ear problems. Many chiropractors over decades of practice have seen excellent results gained through the adjustment of children suffering this common malady of youth. Another observation of chiropractors caring for children has been the fact that such problems often appear soon after infant vaccinations.

We asked two chiropractic authorities on Otitis Media to discuss the problem, and its neurological/subluxation connection. Their insights shed new light on this common childhood condition.

Medicine has run the full gamut of the therapeutic approach for Otitis Media, from antibiotics to the placement of ear drainage tubes. Both procedures have distinct hazards. The overuse of antibiotics has produced so-called “super-infections.” The destroying of bacteria through the antibiotic approach destroys the bad along with the good bacteria, and has led to the need for the recolonization of bacteria through an alpha streptococci spray. Ear tubes also have their hazards such as perforated eardrums, scarring and resultant impaired hearing and chronic drainage from the ear.

Evidence continues to mount chiropractically and medically in regards to the efficacy of chiropractic in the infections of childhood. As far back as 1987 when Gutman published “Blocked Atlantal Nerve Syndrome in Babies and Infants” (Manuelle Media 1987), the enhancement of the body’s capability to ward off infection through the correction of subluxations was becoming evident. For instance, Gutman cited “early relapsing tonsillitis, enteritis, conjunctivitis, colds, and earache” – all responding to what he called “specific manipulation” – – adjustment of the upper cervical subluxation.

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Dr. Andrew