“Fever is a natural body response to help balance the body”

**Let me first say, i am not a medical doctor, and if you feel you have a medical issue, you should consult your medical doctor.

I often get phone calls from practice members asking what to do about a family member with a fever.

A fever is a natural body response.  It is there to help balance the body, and kill off any foreign invaders.  At the risk of ticking off the people who use essential oils to reduce a fever thinking they are “more natural” and it’s better for your body than using harmful drugs, I have to say by interfering with the body’s own natural response, your effect is really no different, you may still be reducing the body’s ability to heal.  Are we supposed to be fighting the fever or something else?

Check this weeks podcast on Fever, and leave a comment below, do you fear the fever?



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