Kids and Chiropractic

Almost every time a child is found on my table an adult in the waiting area later asks, “what is wrong with that child”?

I always find that question kind of funny because obviously HIPPA laws woudn’t allow me to talk about other people’s ailments, nor would it be anyone else’s business, but it brings me to an understanding about that person, and their mindset in my office.

Usually on the first or second visit, a new patient goes through our orientation and understands that we don’t “treat” anything especially back, neck, or headaches.  Our purpose is to remove interference from the nervous system so that your body is able to express it’s God given potential as well as it possibly can.

So, should kids be checked?  According to the last paragraph, wouldn’t we want them to have their best possible chance at a strong immune system?  A  system that works without interference?  Why in the world should something need to be wrong in order to check their system?

Check out the podcast below, and leave your comments.  Do you take your child to the chiropractor regularly?