How does the body heal?  Have you ever thought about it?  Do pills heal?

Does it heal itself from injuries, colds, cancer, etc…?

Are there limits to what your body can heal?


Most people usually make it to my office in search of back pain, or neck pain relief, and while those are good reasons to search out care, we must look at it from a cellular level.  Also, I must tell you, these are symptoms, and symptoms only.  My objective is to help your body heal naturally…..let me explain……

The body is constantly healing and repairing your body. It happens one cell at a time at the rate of millions of cells per minute. Under the right conditions, internally, the body can heal from just about anything.

YOU WERE BORN TO HEAL. You were born with all the internal mechanisms to heal and stay healthy for 100+ years. So, why do we wear out and get all sorts of illnesses that the body doesn’t recover from?

When your healing mechanisms (your innate wisdom) can’t properly communicate with every cell organ and tissue in your body, you slowly breakdown and become ill. The only reason we get sick is because of lack of repair of old and sick cells.

Imagine when a cell goes through its life cycle…whether a cell is sick or healthy at the end of it’s life it needs to be replaced with another cell. With proper communication from the brain, your body can replace that cell with a vibrant healthy cell. With a lack of 100% communication, the cell will be unhealthy from the start.

Do this to enough cells, and you have a healthy replacement of an entire tissue. Enough tissues and you have a new organ. But the opposite is true too…enough unhealthy cells and your entire organ becomes ill.
BOTTOM LINE: when your body replaces cells there has to be proper communication for healthy ones to replace the old ones. Without 100% communication, unhealthy cells take over and eventually illness sets in.

Stay connected with regular chiropractic adjustments and you will heal from almost any disease and illness in the world.  Stop by our website at Evansville Chiropractor to find out more.