Health is like an acorn. Scrat's_Acorn

Let me explain….

Have you ever thought about the wisdom of an acorn? Really, I know your thinking, he’s lost his mind, but really, an acorn has wisdom. Did you know if put into a hole, and given attention, like water, and some sunlight, in 20 years, you’ll have an oak tree? How did it know to turn into a tree?

It has a wisdom contained in it, just like the one cell your mom and dad produced that eventually became YOU!

That intelligence stays in the body, and continually works! The nervous system continually sends messages from the brain into the body, (and the other way around too) where this wisdom tells the body what to do, your heart to beat, your lungs to inflate, and many other processes we don’t have to think about, it just happens like magic. That’s where Chiropractic care comes in. By keeping pressure of the nerves that deliver these messages, your body works like it was intended to. So, take care of that system! Guard it!


I recommend you come into the office weekly for “checks” and adjusted when needed!

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