Evansville Chiropractor Dr. Andrew Lobacz discusses healthcare vs. sick-care

Evansville Chiropractor Dr. Andrew Lobacz discusses healthcare vs. sick-care

Usually when a new patient starts care in the office, I ask the question,

“Can you tell me your definition of health”
I often times get answers like, “how a person looks or feels.”

By the end of this article, I hope you have a different perspective of what Health truly is.

Usually when a person feels like they have lost their health, they go to some sort of specialist. Maybe it’s the M.D. or Chiropractor, or even a massage therapist. Let me be clear, all of them have their place.

I feel like there are three services when it comes to “health care”

1. The first type has to do with relieving symptoms through either medication, physical therapy, or surgery. A lot of times these methods are typically referred to as “health-care” but are they really? Isn’t it more of an attempt to “get” the body to work better through some crutch? For the rest of your life you’ll need this pill because your body is (name of drug) deficient. Really? NO
Now don’t get me wrong, if i was in need of a particular drug or surgery I am glad these guys exist. I would say these really belong in the “sick-care” category though.

2. Relieve your symptoms through natural means. This would include holistic remedies for symptoms, such as ice, heat, essential oils, massage, acupuncture, eating well, nutrition, adequate sleep, adequate hydration, etc. (please understand I am not against this models of care, for example, i love to go get a massage every month) I usually get a massage to relax, increase blood flow, increase lymphatic drainage, etc. See the difference in that mentality vs “to fix an ailment”? I feel like most people get a massage to reduce an ache or pain though, and sometimes that works as well. I feel this is the wrong way to use massage, as it should be done regularly for the right reasons.. This leads me to the third type of care…

3. The third type is Principled Chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is not used to treat symptoms at all. As a matter of fact we don’t take the credit when/if your symptoms go away. We actually don’t even like the word treatment (that’s a medical word that implies your treating an ailment). We “ADJUST” your spine as to allow God given power to work as it was intended to work. That being said, some Chiropractors do work in the second level, where they are treating conditions “naturally”. I believe most Chiropractors practice in this realm, or at least advertise in this realm. I don’t think that is wise. If someone comes to me with low back pain, it could be that they are subluxated, yes. However, it could be that they have a kidney stone passing, and causing their lower back pain. Either way, they need to keep a clean nervous system so the body can work as well as it can and get that stone to pass as quickly as possible. Can anyone really argue that it is a good idea to keep the nervous system clear so the body works best? Are we treating anything though? No, other than the subluxation if it exists. Who could benefit from Principled Chiropractic care? Everyone. If you have a spine and breathing you should be getting adjusted regularly.

Back to my beginning question, what is your definition of health? I hope it’s been shifted from a Re-active state to a Pro-active state.

My definition of Health is a clear, well functioning nervous system without subluxation robbing you of LIFE.

This is the new healthcare, take care of yourself, without a baseline of a clear nervous system, your body can’t be at optimum health.

Chiropractic should be a baseline for your health, really you NEED a few things to maintain life, good Nervous system function, Air, and Food.

If your not in the Evansville area, and would like to find a like minded Chiropractor, let me know, and i’ll help you locate someone.