There’s an incredibly scary, medically induced health care crisis happening in this country right now…… The meds that people been counting on for decades to treat everything from pneumonia to tuberculosis to those burning sensation in the lower regions are becoming useless. Turns out the overuse of antibiotics has caused many previously treatable bacteria and germs to evolve into chuck norris drug-resistant superbugs.

For an example, there’s the drug resistant staph infection knows as MRSA, which was responsible for more than 18000 deaths in 2007 in the United States alone according to the Centers for Disease Control.

More than 100,000 Americans die each year from hospital-acquired infections. Sounding the “OH CRAP” alarm, the FDA warns that “the world could be faced with previously treatable diseases that have once again become untraeatable, as in the days before the antibiotic were developed”.

The good news is that you have some choices, you can either live in a bubble, or you can pump up your immune system against this kind of stuff with regular visits to your Chiropractor. That’s what Chiropractic is really about….keeping your body at its fullest potential to fight off disease, and live as healthy as you can. Remember, true health is not about feeling good, its about keeping the immune system healthy.

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