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People ask all the time, “Should I take something for the inflammation?”

This chart is from a standard anatomy and physiology textbook. You can find a similar chart in ANY A/P textbook in the world. It shows the sequence of events during tissue injury healing. Read the chart carefully, why do the arterioles dilate and why do the capillaries lead protein rich fluid? What is leukocytosis and why is it important?

As this chart shows, symptoms, ALL SYMPTOMS are either a part of or a direct result of the normal, natural healing process.
Evansville Chiropractor discusses Inflammation
“Inflammation is one of the most important mechanisms of defense since it marshals the attack on the injurious agent and leads to repair of the affected tissue.” – The Cell Biology of Inflammation

This means you can NEVER improve health or resolve a specific health condition—by chasing and eliminating the symptom. It’s why we do not diagnose or treat any symptom or condition in the office.

Though the chart does not illustrate it, it is the Nerve system which controls and coordinates every aspect of the process and without a proper nerve supply—the process will never be completed (which can often be a contributing factor in chronic “-itis” conditions.)

Think of a saxophone player in a symphony orchestra—it is not enough for them to play their one piece with precision—they must do so in coordination with two-hundred other musicians—in order to achieve perfect harmony.

Multiply that by a complexity of about 10 billion and you will see how the nerve system does not JUST control but also coordinates the timing and sequence of all of the biological events in the human body.

So, now knowing that Inflammation is part of a healing process, you have to decide if you want to stop the inflammation or not.  It’s really up to you, I can’t tell you what to do, but in my opinion, when you slow down the body’s natural responses, your slowing down healing.   Obviously, if your in “PAIN” you have to make the best decision for you.

My goal as a Chiropractor is to remove interference in the body, allowing for innate to work in the body well, and increase the body’s ability to heal on its own!   Everyone with a spine and who’s breathing should be checked for Subluxations!

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