My Good Friend and Chiropractor Dean Sotille in New Jersey had such a great video I had to repost it today.

“It only bothers me when ______________(fill in the blank)”

It’s a statement that is very similar to “It only hurts when I pee” or “It’s just when there’s Pollen” or “Only when it’s cold out” or “Just when I wake up” or “Only when I go to sleep” or “Only when I lift things”.

What’s even more interesting is that this is usually followed by the Practitioner of Choice engaging at length with the individual about their statement, often times, neither of them aware of the Dumbass Nature of this dialogue. I guess it’s done in order to scientifically formulate a “Diagnosis”. A word that when broken down means, “Di”, meaning 2, “agnosis” , according to Wiki, meaning “ignorance, indifference to, denial or shunning of, or defective knowledge.” So 2 people are now officially ignorant to the nature of your problems, You and The Practitioner….

Here’s my 2 cents, A leak in the roof is only a problem when it’s raining. It’s really “Fine” or “Good” the rest of the time. We can correct problems that occur in our lives or we can just keep plenty of buckets around(Drugs, Medications, Therapies, Serums, Potions and Lotions) for when it rains. In between rainy days, the roof will continue to rot, Mold and Mildew will grow and most likely be blamed for the progressively weakened state of the body, and the situation will quietly get worse. I guess as long as it’s not raining, it’s OK… DUMBASS THING TO SAY!!! Let it go on long enough and you’ll be replacing the entire roof, the ceilings that begin to rot, taking dope for the “Condition” that is supposedly caused by the Mold and on and on and on.

That’s how we end up on Operating Tables getting hips and knees replaced, Parts removed, taking Drug after drug and Living Life completely Disconnected and thinking everything is “Fine and “Good” until The Roof Caves in…. Your body is well worth caring for. After all, YOU LIVE IN IT. Staying Connected for a lifetime and caring for the vessel you’ll spend your entire life living in is your responsibility, Not an Insurance Provider’s. Insurance Companies provide Buckets for leaks. They do so because the people that run them are in the business of selling buckets. Good Luck with that…
Do yourself and your family a favor and become a Member of Principled Chiropractic Center and Regularly Take Care of The Only House you’ll ALWAYS live in. I can help you find one anywhere in the world if necessary. It’s clearly not about me, It’s about YOU! As Always, Your Choice….

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-Dr. Andrew