The coolest part about chiropractic is this…as a Chiropractor it takes two things to work, my hands, and a place for a person to lay down. That’s it. When we go to Panama, or Mexico and the people there find out there is a Chiropractor in town, they line up 500-1000 at a time in line and wait all day to get adjusted. They realize the importance of this….you ask MOST Chiropractors in America to adjust more than 15 or 20 people in day, and they would tell you that it just isn’t possible….the reason is that its because “Medical Chiropractors” offer so many “services” electric stim, ultrasound, x-rays, tire rotations, bla bla bla bla bla…..(most of that stuff is just to increase your bill by the way) .

I guess my point is that if you’ve found this webpage, its not by accident. Your thinking about getting adjusted, and you’ve landed here. God opens and closes doors all the time, and this may be your ticket. If you found this page and your not in my area, join my network of Chiropractors  at and find one in your area. These guys will take care of you like family and not make you jump through rings of fire and walk over hot coals to become patients…..

Until next time, the innate in me blesses the innate in you.

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