We separate our office from most Chiropractic offices. Our office is more concerned with maintaining your health vs fixing it when it goes bad. Think about the most important things you do in life…wouldn’t you agree that you do them regularly? Eat, go to the bathroom, sleep….without these things you wouldn’t be living life as the best possible version of you. That’s also our goal. To keep you healthy so that your body CAN function like it was intended to.

I’ve always said, if you wore your spine on your face, you’d take better care of it. The spine needs maintenance, PERIOD.

Your spine holds your nervous system, (and a special gift from GOD called innate intelligence) which is WHO you are. See, dead people have a nervous system. God gives us the special something that makes us living! Everything you think, how your body behaves, what hormones are released, everything happens due to a proper functioning nervous system. Let’s keep it free of interference so your body can have the best environment to be healthy!

If you would like to set up an appointment to have your spine checked, give me a call today at 812-476-2225.

-Dr Lobacz