What can an Evansville Chiropractor tell you about headaches?


The answer is simple, yet under-recognized, Chiropractic Care. I often become so frustrated when people come into my office and tell me about the headaches that they or their children may be having and that they are desperately looking for answers. And it is not that they tell me what is bothering them that frustrates me, because I do care and I am concerned. However, if I had done my job educating my patients, they would already know the answer to this million dollar question.


See, in my new patient orientation class, I try to stress why people have symptoms such as pain in the first place. I express that when a nerve becomes pinched or distressed, that there is an interference in the nervous system that causes dis-ease. And when this happens for an extended amount of time, it can cause the symptom pain. What the patient sometimes does not realize is there has had to be a lot of dis-ease in their system prior to the symptom of pain showing up at their back door. Many times doctors ask how long has this pain been going on. But how is that even a relevant question? It doesn’t matter how long the pain has been there or how many nights of sleep the patient has lost. The real question is how long has this patient’s nervous system been at dis-ease because the process of nerve interference has been there long before the symptom of pain ever showed up.


So many times I see people turn to a medication to mask their symptoms, have an array of diagnostic tests performed or visit a handful of specialists to find the answer to them or their child’s headache pain. As a parent, I now realize that you will do anything, go anywhere and see anyone to answer the question why your child has or is in pain. But in the same respect, I feel that as a parent you need to give your child a chance to respond to treatment before adding another iron to the fire, no matter what type of treatment their child is receiving. If not, how does one really know what is actually helping or delaying their child from getting better. Here’s an example, when you are starting to give your child new foods for the very first time, the general rule of thumb, is to try a food and then keep trying that food for a week or two before introducing the next one. If a parent gave all different types of food to a child at one time, then how would the parent be able to distinguish what actually caused the allergy? The same theory applies when parents are trying to use every outlet known to man to find out why the symptom of pain exists.



The Next Question I Commonly Receive is What Could Have Caused the Misalignment or the Non-Functioning Nervous System to Start With?

The answers are endless. There are so many reasons why your child may have a subluxation starting with child birth. Have you ever seen a lifetime movie, yes I admit I have seen one or two but not by choice in my defense. Those babies come out picture perfect from delivery. I know from first hand experience its not like you see in those movies where the child arrives with a pink blanket and hat and look as if they came out from having a bath. The real truth as we all know looks nothing like that. The child looks anything but a picture of health when they arrive after they have been pushed and pulled this way. Then to top it off, if they had to have any extra help arriving they have even had a worse ride from their nice cozy warm home to this light blinding and cold world. Child birth is brutal for both mom and baby. Childbirth may be a natural part of life but the tole it takes on mom and baby really stresses the nervous system.

Moving along, has your child ever fell? Sure they have because that is a natural part of a child’s life when learning how to crawl, walk and even run. It’s all a process for your child as well as you, the parent, to scoop your child up and brush off the dirt, clean them up and band-aid their ouchies. But again, you are treating the symptom pain. However, what actually happened during the process of the fall may have left devastating effects on your child’s nervous system, hence spine health. So that is another reason why it is important for your child to be seen on a regular basis for their check-up and maintenance to fix anything underlying that could in the future cause symptoms such as pain.

The list goes on and on my friends, just like the endless Lambchops Play Along Song, “this too is a cycle that never ends”. As long as your child breathes and moves in this world, they need chiropractic care. The possibilities are endless on why your child could be developing headaches. But the constant remains, “fix the root of the problem and the symptoms have no chance but to dissipate as well.”