Alot of people feel like Chiropractors are for “bad backs” or Headaches, or something of that nature.  The truth is that our nervous system being irritated has no PAIN for a long time, but can be pinched.  Maybe symptoms come along later, and BOOM, your making a call to a Chiropractor.   Well, hopefully you’ve picked the right one, and he or she can tell you certain truths about how your body actually works.

ANYTIME there is a nerve that is pinched, alters said nerve so that wherever it goes, that message gets messed up.  IT DOES NOT allow proper communication from the brain to the body.

The reason that Chiropractic is not more popular is because alot of people truly believe that healing comes from outside in.  It does not.

Take a listen to my friend and mentor Dr. Joe, and make up your own mind.


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