From time to time I get a patient who comes in, and says “My doctor says Chiropractors are quacks

chiropractors are quacks

I can’t agree more….. SOME Chiropractors are quacks. The ones who are chasing symptoms, like saying they “cure” headaches or stiff backs.

The problem with that mentality is that Chiropractors CURE nothing. We simply remove the road blocks of the nervous system!


chiropractors are quacks


Can you imagine this being in the way when going to work?


The same thing happens in your nervous system.

For the nervous system to function well, the channels must be clear!

chiropractors are quacks



Chiropractors call it a subluxation!



How well could you expect a nerve to work and communicate with the body when it’s being trapped?

Chiropractors are Quacks?

Treating symptoms without treating cause?  That’s quacky!….It seems to me that sounds more like “sick-care” than “health care”.  This is the problem with our country’s thinking in general, if there are no symptoms, there’s no problem.

Some Chiropractors practice in this model.  You’ll know them, because when you go in to get your spine checked, they ask the question, what’s bothering you today….These are the ones that are trying to be medical doctors.  Trying to fix back pains.  However, there’s so much more to Chiropractic than back pains and headaches.

So, while some Chiropractors are trying to practice medicine and treat conditions, I would suggest you go to a Chiropractor who detects road blocks, or subluxations and keeps your system running optimally. Doesn’t it make sence to keep the nervous system and body communicating well together?

My opinion is that you should be checked for subluxations on a regular basis, I personally get checked at least once a week, sometimes MORE!

So, what makes more sense? To go to a membership Chiropractor- and get your spine and nervous system working optimally or a Medically based Chiropractor and deal with symptoms?

Will dealing with symptoms actually get you healthier?

Now, I’ve bashed on the medical paradigm a little here, but realize I respect the profession. There are many medical doctors who have saved a lot of lives. However, the ones who try to control a pain or symptom by simply covering itchiropractors are quacks up with a pill (which usually has some negative side effects) does not make you healthy.

The symptom is like a warning light on your car’s dashboard. By ignoring it or worse, dulling the pain with a pain reliever, does not make the problem go away, it simply shuts of the mechanism to alert you something is wrong.

The point is, listen to your body. Get checked for subluxations weekly (at least). Keep your body connected with the source, and it will work better!

**This column is not to be taken as medical advise. If you think it was, your obviously not reading!

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