When was the last time you gave much thought to how your body works? Well, if you’re not sick or in pain or taking pre-med courses in school then chances are you rarely think about how your body is able to do the 1,000’s of amazing things it does every single day. And I’m of the opinion that it’s OK not to spend a lot of your waking hours in awe of your amazing body. In fact, one of the most amazing things about your body is the fact that you don’t have to think about it or focus your attention on it in order for it to go on doing its job.

Think about this… Do you have to concentrate on your heart to make it beat? Must you do something special to make your liver and kidneys function? If you get a cut on your finger do you have to look at it and concentrate on it to make it heal? If you get a headache and for whatever reason you are not able to take any medicine will you be stuck with that headache forever? Of course the answer is no, as these things just happen on their own.

Many of the most important functions of the body are on autopilot…they just happen. So then why do some people suffer from conditions or illnesses that never seem to go away in spite of all the pills, potions and lotions they try? Well, healing and maintaining normal function is something your body must do on its own, but every once in a while something happens that interferes with that process.

Chiropractors are trained to identify and locate the source of that interference. The anatomical location of this “autopilot” is at the top of your neck where your head and neck come together…its called your brain stem. You can think of it like the fuse box that controls the flow of electrical signals to the rest of your house. If you interfere with that process then you should expect to have some lights in your house that won’t turn on, no matter how many times you replace the light bulb. The same is true for your body. If you interfere with the communication between your brain stem and the rest of your body you should expect to have chronic health problems and trouble healing.

Depending on which nerves (wires) are involved then you may experience migraines, or frequent headaches, or chronic back pain, or digestive dysfunction, or auto-immune conditions, or any number of health problems. The key in resolving these issues is to address the underlying cause (fix the fuse box) and not just continually treat the symptoms (replace the light bulb). Healing only works with time. It was a process for the fuse to burn out….

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