Our Philosophy

Evansville Chiropractor thinks a little differently…

I believe that you were designed to be healthy.

We were all born the same, a brain, and spinal cord. The Creator, God in my opinion, encased this in bone.

Due to STRESS, (auto accidents, bumps, trips, family, kids, bills, etc) our bodies respond by clenching up. When that happens, our systems reacts by not getting the message from the brain, out to the body, and from the body up to the brain, like it should.

This is called a subluxation….

The job of a Chiropractor is to remove the subluxations so the body can work again like it should.

So, will it help with your headaches? Back Pain?

Simply answered, I have no way of knowing. However, I do know that having subluxations in your spine will not allow your body to work like it should. It’s a BAD thing to have Subluxations, and should be checked weekly and removed if present.