It’s the night of the big concert, and your favorite band gets on stage, and the sound is NOTHING like it is on the radio or cd. It’s almost like they forgot to tune their guitars!

Do you play a guitar?

I HAVE a guitar, but I don’t really play it much. I never really learned to. But from my beginner classes I took, I learned how to tune the guitar. If you put some of the best guitarists in the world on an un-tuned guitar, it would sound horrible.

This brings me to my next point. The strings on the guitar are a good representation of nerves in your body. If one of those nerves is being pinched on, the body gets out of tune. To much nerve interference tells the end organ a different message than it was supposed to get.

I see this every day. Someone comes in, thinks they are doing well, or in good health, and the truth is that they are very out of tune. They may come in for a back ache or neck pain, but upon further examination, there’s more going on.

At Lobacz Chiropractic, we use a technology to scan your spine for interference, (pinching of the spinal nerves) to detect if we can help you or not before we do anything else.

Here’s a picture of what a possible outcome could look like.


I would challenge you to get a spinal check up, and see if your health is where you think it is!

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-Dr Lobacz