by Evansville Chiropractor, Dr. Andrew Lobacz

A pinched nerve works alot like smoking. We all know that smoking cigarettes is a bad idea. It can increase cell mutation, and your body will not adapt to this new cellular tissue (cancer). We know this is not a good idea…but it takes a long time right?

This process takes time. It’s a slow death… will smoking one cigarette kill ya?

How about a whole pack? A pack a day? For ten years? thirty years?

I can tell you one thing for sure. It’s probably not a good idea. It causes stress on your body.

What Chiropractors do by maintaining the spine works the same way. We find mis-aligned vertebrae in your spine,
we call them “subluxations”.

A Subluxation interferes with your body’s nerve system and the transmission of mental impulses through the body. Interfere with the transmission long enough and they will catch up to you and cause death. They are caused by stress.

That fall off the swing when you were 5… It caused a subluxation but it was not a big deal at the time

Then the fall off the bike at 7…. subluxation.

Your parents divorce at 10…. another subluxation.

The cigarette at 15…. again, a subluxation.

The football hit you took as a Junior in High School… Subluxation.

Your 21st birthday…. subluxation.

The glass of wine with dinner every night since you were married at 25…. subluxation.

Giving birth to your children at 27… subluxation.

The trip and fall while walking the kids in the park at 29… subluxation.

The argument you had with your spouse when you were 30… subluxation.

The death of your grandparents/parents at 40… subluxation.

Chiropractors are the only professionals specifically trained to (adjust) Locate, Analyze, and Correct a Vertebral Subluxation.

Ya, I love a great massage once in a while, and Yoga is great, and eating well is important….all positive things for your body. But don’t leave out keeping your spinal health in check!

The beauty is that with regular Chiropractic care, you can live life subluxation free. Regular Chiropractic care grants folks the ability to the life they were destined to live. With regular Chiropractic check ups, you get to live a life of maximum potential.

The earlier you and your family get checked for subluxation, the better off you and your family are to live subluxation free. Get checked today.

My mission is to make my care affordable enough that every man, woman, and child has a subluxation free spine. My Chiropractic Network of friends all have that same mission.

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