You might have the best plumber, electrician and interior decorator around, but if your house doesn’t have a solid foundation does it really matter? Ask anyone in construction and they all agree that a solid, level foundation is essential for building a great house. Guess what? Your body is no different. In order to have a great life and health, you need a solid foundation.
In the same way that a great landscaper and decorator can enhance your house, exercise and nutrition can enhance your health. But without a solid base, we can’t get the most out of our health. So what is the foundation for health and performance? Your spine and nervous system! If you know the job of the nervous system this comes as no surprise. If you don’t, let me help. The nervous system controls and coordinates everything that occurs in your body. It is known as the body’s master control system. Everything from breathing, circulation, digestion, muscle tone, healing, immunity, perception, creativity, (get the point yet) everything is controlled by the nervous system. The nervous system is composed of the brain, spinal cord and nerves which branch out to every single cell in your body. It makes sense that this vital system is encased in bone. However, due to the stresses of life (physical, chemical and emotional) the bones that surround the spinal cord and nerves misalign and get stuck (called a subluxation). This distorts and interferes with the messages sent over the nervous system.
So you may eat the healthiest diet, but if the nerves that control your stomach and other digestive organs aren’t working right you won’t get the most out of that nutrition. Same with exercise; if the nerves controlling your heart, lungs and muscles are irritated you’ll never get the most out of your workout. No matter what you have going on, you are better off with a nervous system free of interference. That is why chiropractic is so great. Chiropractors adjust the spine to remove nervous system interference. This ensures a solid foundation for your body to grow and function right. Get your spine checked today and if you already did…good job!