Anytime there is limb on the power line, its

If on your way home from work today, you see a tree on the power line going into your home, can you be surprised if the power in your home doesn’t work well? Maybe when you pull in the driveway, you see the lights flickering in the home. You go inside and it’s HOT! You go to the air conditioner and it won’t turn on. You go inside and check the fuse box, and it seems fine as well, but your still HOT. You go back outside and realize the power has been shut off at the pole, and guys are out there pulling down a limb. treedown

A short time later, the limb is down and the power is restored.

If you were to think of the brain and nervous system as Vectren, and the different systems in the body as air conditioners, tv’s, lights, etc. we can agree that a subluxation ( a pinch on the nervous system) is always a bad thing. However, a subluxation doesn’t usually shut down your body immediately. It takes time. Usually by the time you realize something is truly wrong, it’s too late. I recommend you come in on a weekly basis to keep your spine healthy, but knowing what I know about the way the spine plays such role in function of the body, i would probably get checked more than that. Once a week is kind of a minimum number.

This is usually the time people show up in my office with back pain, neck pain, headaches, etc. Their system is in poor shape at this time. This is why we practice like we do. We want you to come in regularly to have your spine checked for subluxations and keep your body free of them. They are horrible for your body, and keep you from living the way you were intended to live. Don’t you want to be able to get on the floor and play with your kids? grand kids? Don’t you want to stay away from UN-necessary drugs and surgery?

I do. I want to treat you guys like your family. That’s why we practice like we do. If i don’t see you in a while, and then you show up one day, expect me to razz you a little. I want you to come in, and I want your body to work like it was intended to.

At times i’ve had members come in and say things like,
” I’d like to try this or that therapy” to help with my (fill in blank). Just so you know, i’m fine with whatever therapy you want to try. Just realize that a clear spine, one free of subluxation will ALWAYS help your current situation. Keeping the spine clear is always best for your body! Personally, i use Chiropractic as a baseline to KEEP my body healthy, almost like brushing my teeth is always a good idea at least 3 times a day. Never is someone going to say, “let’s quit brushing your teeth” while we try laser whitening.