Maybe you wake up stiff, or your brains a little foggy. Maybe you can’t get on the floor to play with the grandkids like you’d like to, or maybe your just tired of feeling sick and tired.

I want you to think about a Piano for a minute.

It’s the big night. People have come from all over to see you, and you know those ivory key’s better than you know your own children. It’s game time. The spotlight comes on you, and you lay your fingers on the keys.

You press down on the first couple of keys and the sound coming out isn’t right…..

Your body works the same way. You could be doing everything right, eating well, taking your flinstones, Yoga,exercising, and even getting good sleep, but your body still isn’t behaving well.

I’d like to introduce you to the idea that if your nervous system is being pinched on, your body can’t work like it was intended to. You see, the brain and the body communicate with each other through something called, the Central Nervous system. If it is pinched, that’s BAD.

My office specializes in finding pinches of the spine, and keeping them removed.

We know that true health is maintained, not swallowed in pill format, that’s why we make our care easy to maintain. Feel free to check out our website at, we have an online special going on right now that allows you to get your first complete visit at a discounted rate.

Ongoing visits can be affordable as well. As a matter of fact, we don’t turn anyone away, regardless of age, race, financial ability to pay! If you want to get adjusted on a regular basis, we make it happen!

If you have any questions, please ask!

Andrew Lobacz