I saw this guy downtown earlier, and I think i’m going to have him come in when I go on vacation…..so don’t worry guys, if you need to get cracked, someone will be at the office….


Just kidding.  If you just found this blog, and your looking for a Chiropractor here in the Evansville area, you’re in luck, you’ve found one!  One with a sense of humor as well!

We offer a different expereince than you’ll get at most Chiropractors.  That’s because most Chiropractors practice like Medical Doctors.  You come in with a condition, they treat it.  We’re different.  We look at the spine for “pinches” and simply un-pinch pinches!  Easy enough right?  The truth is that the nervous system coordinates, regulates, and controls every funciton of every cell in the body.  If it’s getting pinched on, your body can’t work like it is supposed to.  My job is to keep that system unpinched.  That’s how your body will work the best.