Since the 1950’s the word “stress” has changed from an engineering term
to a cultural construct. In 2010, American spent over eight billion dollars on
stress related products.
Stress has been defined as a “distress caused by a demand of the body to
all non-specific demands” Although stress is generally associated with
negative connotations, it is a double-edged sword. The body would not be
able to survive without the acute stress response as in the “fight or flight”
phenomena. This type of response gears the body up for action. It provides
focused energy to either flee from danger or to stand ground and fend off a
During an emergency, stress hormones are produced and they are utilized.
However, the kind of stress we face on a daily basis is of a completely different kind. Emergency physical responses are rarely needed yet the brain perceives stress as such and prepares the body for fight or flight. As the stress is almost continuous, the stress hormones are not utilized; they remain in the body and cause biological damage.
The work of Hans Seyle, who compiled thousands
of studies demonstrated that exposure to stress, can cause “disease of adaptation.
The “General Adaptation Syndrome or GAS begins with an alarm reaction
(AR) when the body is first exposed to stress. It then shifts to “stage of
resistance” (SR).

At this point, the body can adapt to the stress, known as physiologic
adaptation syndrome, or succumb to the stress and allow it to manifest
itself into what is known as “disease of adaptation” which can result in
hypertension, rheumatic disease, vascular lesion
s, ulcers, certain types of
liver conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, nephritis, as well as a host of
problems with the endocrine system and hormonal imbalance.
The body can adapt to stress as along as the nervous system and
endocrine systems are capable of responding normally. All types of stress
can cause vertebral subluxations, but it creates a vicious cycle in which the
body can no longer adapt to stress as a
result of a compromised nervous
The big idea with Chiropractic is to keep pressure off of the nervous system.  This way your body can adapt to stress in a positive way, and keep your system as strong as it possibly can be.
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