Have you ever sprayed the weeds in the driveway with weed killer? of course you have, we all have. We live in such a microwave society today that we almost expect the weeds to disappear within moments of spraying! We all know it takes a few hours, and maybe a couple of sprays, but we want them GONE NOW!


Chiropractic works in much the same way. Chiropactic can sometimes help with issues such as neck pain, or back pain, but more importantly, the mechanism of “HOW” it does so. When we correct the irritation in the nervous system, by keeping the body in proper alignment, our bodies are able to heal, and work like they were designed to.

We adjust a subluxation (a fancy word we use to describe a bone out of place, crushing a nerve, causing that nerve not to deliver the proper messages to the body) and return it to a more normal position. When we do this, the body must adapt to the new position, the muscles DO NOT like the new position due to muscle memory.

Here’s an example of just one layer muscles in the neck that must be retrained to HOLD the adjustments where they belong.

So yes, adjustments to take time, and there’s no guarantee that your symptoms will go away. What it does do, is give your body the potential to work like it should. it’s really that simple.

Just like a professional golfer has learned, muscles have a “memory” which enables them to have a great swing every time (almost). The spine also has a muscles with memory. This memory is why we must cluster your visits in the beginning closer together and then space them out later once the muscles start memorizing where “correct” actually is.

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