INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana health officials say an Evansville-area resident has died of West Nile virus.
State Department of Health spokeswoman Amy Reel says a Vanderburgh County resident was the first person to die from the mosquito-borne virus in Indiana this year. She says she could not disclose any information about the victim.
The agency says Indiana has six other confirmed cases in five counties: Fulton, Hamilton, Jackson, Marion, and Monroe.
There’s no vaccine or cure for the disease. The health department says it usually causes a milder form of the illness that can include fever, headache, body aches, swollen lymph glands and rash.
The health department recorded one death from the disease in each of the last two years. The first human cases in Indiana occurred in 2002, when 11 people died.
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YOU have a CHOICE!

The choice we have is prevention and building stronger immune systems. In individuals with healthy immune systems, West Nile is a rather benign virus and overcome rather easily. If you notice, all the deaths that are ever reported occur in individuals with underlying health problems (compromised immune systems). An immune system is compromised because of medical intervention and poor lifestyle choices (antibiotic/ prescription drug overuse, post-surgical results, poor dietary/exercise habits, etc.)

Chiropractic patients enjoy tremendous vitality and quality of life because they focus on prevention and avoiding the above mentioned threats to a healthy immune system. (Which brings me back to the lack of leadership that has unloaded their toxic approach to health on an unsuspecting populace, essentially destroying their immunity to benign viruses, and now say, “We have no other options but to spray your families from 10,000 feet with a toxic soup).

Start chiropractic today for yourself and your family and discover the difference. A chiropractic lifestyle of prevention will be no match for the West Nile virus, or any virus for that matter. We were never intended to live in fear regarding our health.

One final point. Any death is tragic,we must keep everything in perspective. A harmless mosquito has not created the astronomical rise in cancer, leukemia, tumors, alzheimers, dementia, neurological disease, asthma, autism, and auto immune disorders that are killing by the millions and are acknowledged by modern medicine to have an “unknown cause”. Leave the mosquito out of this, for we need only look to the toxic approach of our narrow-minded medical leadership that will never consider any other options.

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**We do not claim to “treat” West Nile, or any other disease, but eliminate obstruction to the nervous system, which maintains a strong immune system.