Chiropractic is really very simple….however, a-lot of Chiropractors are even confused about this.

Chiropractic really has very little to do with pain at all. That doesn’t mean that we as Chiropractors don’t care about pain, or can’t help with it, its just that the true purpose of Chiropractic is much much deeper.

Here’s the thing. With the job that you do, and the activities that you participate in, your body takes a toll.

Now, just like tuning you car up, you need to keep your body tuned up as well. The best way this can be done is to get it adjusted. A lot of people don’t realize that getting adjusted actually correlates with health….

Let me explain…. if your brain controls your body, and your body is getting good (uninterrupted) signals, your healthier. So lets say a nerve is getting pressure that goes to your heart….how long do you want that nerve pressure to exist?

Now, the problem with most chiropractors is that they want to play medical doctor with you, and make fill out a ton of paperwork, and take all kinds of x-rays, and the truth about that is that they are mainly looking to sell you a package of visits. It’s not their fault, its what they were taught by so called “practice consultants”.

At my office you pay one monthly fee and you can come all month, as much as you want. Why don’t more chiro’s practice this way? They just don’t realize that its fair this way.

Now why get adjusted?

-Have Less Pain
-Have more energy
-Less Stress
-Help blood pressure
-Improves your immune system
-Live Longer
-Better Concentration
-Stops the decay in your spine, and prevents arthritis

If you have any questions, please call my office at 866-365-2049 and leave a message with who-ever answers the phone.

God bless,

Andrew Lobacz D.C.

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