A New Model in Health Care

Evansville Chiropractor

Evansville Chiropractor Dr Andrew Lobacz has a different model of care than alot of Chiropractors do.  While Most Chiropractors are following the medical model of “wait until it hurts” Dr Lobacz feels this is an outdated method, and a horrible way to actually take care of your health.  He calls this re-active care.

He follows more of a pro-active model.  He feels that your health ultimately is your responsibility.  He explains in the following video how your body has “life” in it that needs to run un-interrupted.  Any time there is pressure on the nervous system, it blocks the intelligence God gave us, and causes a dis-ease in our bodies.

In order for this philosophy to be implemented, he feels his Evansville Chiropractic office should be easy to the consumer, and also affordable.   He prefers a scheduled first visit, but after that, the practice is walk in.   His practice is based on a membership style where a monthly fee allows the practice member to get checked for interference and adjusted when needed as to maintain health in the body.

Alot of Chiropractors advertise pain.  He believes that while Chiropractic care has been proven as a low invasive technique for headaches, and back pain, there’s such a bigger message here, and that is a body without interference works better!  Don’t wait until it’s an emergency, get your spine checked and keep your system working better!

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