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Lobacz Chiropractic offers a no-insurance, no-hassle approach to chiropractic care that focuses on your long-term well being. While we do not accept insurance, we do offer flexible membership pricing (see below). It is by far the most popular option we have, and we still are accepting members. To achieve membership, you must attend our Doctor Report (or second visit). 

We offer a different approach than a lot of other Evansville Chiropractic offices. We focus on spinal alignment to create an efficient internal environment for your body.

When your body is aligned well, your body is able to adapt and overcome secondary conditions. Some of these secondary conditions include numbness/tingling, neck pain, low back pain, headaches-most notably migraine headaches, loss of strength, muscular imbalance. More secondary conditions include fibromyalgia, digestion disorders, sinus and allergy, fatigue and overall lack of human performance can be caused by underlying shifts in the spine.

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