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Headache Relief in Evansville Indiana.

What if they could go away without drugs or surgery, would you be interested?

Life is better without headaches agreed? Let me tell you a little about who we are and what we do, and if you think it's a good fit, we can get on a phone call and discuss it further.

Our Goal is to get to the root cause of your headaches, without drugs or surgery!

Andrew Lobacz D.C.

I opened my own office in 2006 in the Evansville Market and have been helping people regain their health since that time. Helping people get rid of Headaches is one of my favorite things to do in my practice. Since 2006, we've helped countless people restore their body's back to normal and rid them of headaches, taking time away from friends and family. I find this very rewarding that I have helped these patients live their lives to their highest potential.

Real Members, Real Results...

Jen struggled for Years with headaches.

David forgot to mention the headaches he stuggled with for a long time due to the quick resolution!

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